How It Work


How Are SWRT Subsurface Water Retaining Membranes Installed?

SWRT Solutions installs thin membranes (1 to 3 mil thick) with a specially designed and patented Membrane Installation Machine (MIM). This innovative implement is pulled behind a tractor with sufficient power and GPS capability to ensure steady and accurate placement of the membranes))))

SWRT’s innovative MIMs can install four parallel membranes concurrently with one pass of a field, and at 3 to 4 mph

SWRT Field after installation

Improvements to SWRT’s MIMs are continuing based on lessons learned in the field and future innovations will include robotics to reduce the labor associated with installation.

Future enhancements include the installation of subsurface drip irrigation tapes within each membrane and expansion of MIM to install 6 or more parallel membranes with each pass.

Major Benefits of SWRT Solutions’ Membranes

  • Keep more plant photosynthetic carbon above ground by optimizing plant growth for greater plant biomass production.
  • Improve resiliency of plants to a changing climate and the increased duration and intensity of droughts.
  • Improve soil quality for crop production and enhance the environment, including water quality.
  • Suppress upward flow of salinity in some soils thereby maintaining their viability for ag production.
  • Provide more income potential and greater certainty to farmers to benefit the economics of the country through increased ag production at less cost on sandy and other highly permeable soils.
  • Optimize irrigation water use for many crops resulting in improved water conservation, less energy consumption for irrigating each crop and the potential to produce food and fiber on additional acres without increasing irrigation volumes.
  • Provide a permanent solution that is virtually maintenance free as it retains soil water on working lands for plant growth.
  • Allows for producers to utilize most of their current tillage, planting and harvest equipment. Only deep tillage tools would need to be avoided.